Saturday, April 12, 2014


To whom it may concern:

If you're reading this I appreciate you and your time. I'm starting this blog as a way to push myself to be creative and thoughtful. Once upon a time, I had a different blog, and it became lost for a very long time. So now, since I can not enter that one, I will put the posts from that one onto my new one in a form of resurrecting the forgotten posts. They will be accompanied by many more. As a form of disclaimer: all posts within this blog are my original works, and are not to be reposted in any way or form without my consent or without being properly cited (meaning I need to be given credit for it). Other than that, we are as fine as can be! :3 I hope you enjoy what you find here and that you share my blog with your friends. Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen. ;)

Ashley D. Nichols
The Nocturnal Bablatrice

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