Saturday, April 12, 2014

From September, 2010- My Last 'Old Blog' Post

Morpheus is the Greek God of Dreams

What a melancholy night it is, as I sit here in the silence that the dark offers to me. I wish you were here beside me, love, so that the chill in the air wouldn't have a chance to nip at my arms, and so the quiet could be broken by your sweet whispers. I wonder what you're dreaming of, warm in your bed. Do I cross your mind as Morpheus creates fantastical worlds for you? I wonder if you wish I were there with you as much as I long to be in your arms, listening to your quiet breathing. It is a true heaven for me to be close to you no matter the situation.

I've been daydreaming quite often lately, about our future together. I feel like it is I who is in a fantasy world when I think of the many wondrous possibilities. How this could be reality is beyond me. But it is and that is throwing me into a whirlpool of confusion and happiness.

This is my life? Since when? When will I wake up? Never, I hope...

Ashley D. Nichols
The Nocturnal Bablatrice

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