Saturday, April 12, 2014

Also From July, 2010

Saltwater and Scrambled Thoughts You Should Know...

A shining mirror on the wall, I take a moment to look hard at my reflection.
I can't help the fact that the imperfections are all I can see.
But it's getting better.
Every moment I spend with you restores a bit of faith I had in myself.

I love how you tell me that you love me more, because
Even though it's an outright lie
It shows me that maybe all of this isn't going to come down
crashing around me like saltwater waves
as I gasp for air, my lungs burning, and wonder whether the condensation
resting on my cheeks is the ocean or my tears.

I feel restless when I'm not with you.
I'll be honest.
It's like my heartbeat slows down until I see you.
As if it doesn't want to waste it's energy on anything but you.

My hands feel empty when I don't feel your palm pressed against mine.
When you said be mine forever, I think I died.
That's the only way I could be in this kind of heaven with you.
It's unreal.
The dimples in my cheeks so rarely seen before have been permanently carved
into my cheeks (that burn when you touch them).

I want you to know you're beautiful.
I want to show you you're beautiful.

I want to tell you I love you til my breath is all gone.
I want to tell you I love you til my breathing stops.

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