Wednesday, May 14, 2014

100 Themes Challenge- Day 1 [Introduction]

In the end, you are left with a mirror to stare yourself down, and only you will be truly able to describe what crawls around in the darkest subways of you soul. What monsters lie within you? How long can you keep their curdled whispers silent?

I was 28 when the darkness took my body for its own. As a human, I was a normal woman, smart and quiet; very unassuming. I liked to read and go to church; I even taught English at a Christian school. I still like to read... But the last time I went to church, I was in a velvet lined box with a Bible stinging my hands, my flaming hair tied in braids, my blue eyes supposedly closed forever.

Now, I'm everything I hated as a human and I couldn't be more happy. You'll never know my human name, dears, so sorry to say, but I will grace you with my name of choice. I go by, Sitana Delacroix, and some may say I'm a demon of sorts, others, a lost soul. But I know what I am as I ride down mountain trails on the back of my soot colored stallion, Paladin; I am Vampire! I am a ferocious and dark creature with more power within me than any sad mortal. I will live forever as I carve a bloody path through history. I am a goddess of the night, and I am free.

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